Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Hello and welcome

Caramel Pandas Designs

Hello and welcome to my blog...
My name is Amanda and I design and produce needlework charts and kits.
Here I will add my latest design ideas and would love your comments on them.

Free Designs
 As a needlework designer I am always designing patterns, borders and motifs that just don't work in the  particular piece I am working on. Sad to say but these designs usually get filed away and never see the light of day again!. I have decided to share these patterns with the world, so my hard work may get some reward and someone may find just the design they are looking for!.
I aim to post at least one free pattern per week so keep checking back for updates.

100 Days of Happiness
I am about to start 100 days of happiness will be posting most days and sharing with you the little things that have made me feel happy that day and I would love others to join me in this!!