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 Wednesday 10th  September 2014

Well I am having a bit of a mental block on my latest design!.
I decided to create a design for a child's room, as I very rarely do any designs for children....
So I decided to write a poem:

Goodnight Sweetheart

It's time to go to sleep sweetheart 
It's time to say night night
Today is coming to an end
so snuggle up real tight

It's time to have sweet dreams my love 
of lollipops and fun
and I'll be here to greet you
when tomorrow has begun

It's time to rest now little one
it's time to say night night
Your all tucked up and cosy
Goodnight sweetheart sleep tight

I am very happy with the poem!
My problem is the border.
 I have designed three now and began stitching each one  only to discard them because they just didn't "look right" with the poem.
Thinking I should maybe just design a simple border and let the poem speak?
I want the design to be unisex, so I can't get too carried away with ribbons and my first
Well I think I have inspired myself a bit so I am back off to work. 
I will keep you updated with progress and pics
Thanks for stopping by and comments are always welcome!!


New design ready to add to


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